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Profile picture of Johan

Offer from Johan


I have always done a lot of volunteer work within the korfball sport. This at the level of the association, but also for the union. In ...

Profile picture of Ans

Offer from Ans


Because I only live in Rotterdam and I feel quite lonely, I would like to mean something to someone else and thus build up a new circle...

Profile picture of Claudia

Offer from Claudia


I am looking for volunteer work. You may also be looking for a buddy. I have been depressed in the past and unfortunately recently. I s...

Profile picture of Carin

Carin's offer


Hi, I would very much like to get in touch with other Rotterdammers. I like to help / like to be there for someone else. In addition, i...

Profile picture of Linda

Social online marketplace: supply and demand

Rotterdamse Uitdaging

Do you as a foundation or organization have a request for help? Then place it on the social online marketplace of the Rotterdam challen...

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Profile picture of Ineke

Offer from Ineke


I have a higher vocational education, a lot of experience in social care as a social worker and family guardian, I would like to use my...

Profile picture of Cees

Chess for kids


My name is Cees and I am retired. I have work experience as a youth leader at the Arend en Zeemeeuw and the Jeugdhaven with groups of c...

Profile picture of Marco

Mark's offer


I receive Social Security benefits and have been a carer for both my parents for a long time. I have been released from the obligation ...

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Profile picture of Lana

Offer from Lana


Hello my name is Lana, I am a new resident in the Netherlands from Syria, I am a pharmacist and I have a master's degree in social work...

Profile picture of Evert

Evert's offer


Available in consultation. I mainly want to do something in the financial and educational field and education such as language and fina...

Profile picture of Dimitri

Offer from Dimitri


I work in the 5 shifts and have quite a bit of time to help someone who can use it. For example, walking with the elderly Have a chat...

Profile picture of Julian

Offer from Julian


Due to the new Working from Home period, I have more time available that I would like to share with those who need a helping hand once ...

Profile picture of George

George's Offerings


Want to share my knowledge and experience in IT. keywords: WordPress, ICT Security, Windows, MS Office (excel, word, PowerPoint etc), ...

Profile picture of Dania

Offer from Dania


I could actually help, but my first reason is to improve my Dutch language.

Profile picture of Gerard

Gerard's offer


I would like to do something once a week.

Profile picture of Claudine

Offerings from Claudine


I like to help people...supervise activities, hostess, friendship...I think it's important in these times to show solidarity

Profile picture of Hanae

Offer from Hanae


I would like to mean something to someone, and that I get ahead myself. I am an independent person but can work well together.

Profile picture of Roque

Roque .'s offer


We are not alone in the world, helping each other can't hurt. It is especially important to be able to help others. And if I can help...

Profile picture of Arno

Arno's offer


Hello, I'm completely free in December and that's why I can do volunteer work. And maybe after that I can fit it into my work... I h...

Profile picture of Thaisienne

Offer from Thaisienne


Wants to do something for someone else without expecting anything in return. Be more involved in my community, contribute to a better s...

Profile picture of Coby

Offer from Coby


I am a hostess at a buffet and lunch in the district building.

Profile picture of Jet

Offer from Jet


Like many of us, I've had a tough life. As a result, I have built up an expertise by converting loneliness into being alone, loving you...

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