Len - Help provider on behalf of the organisation & Help seeker on behalf of the organisation

Member since: 22 July 2016

Kralingen-Crooswijk (Rotterdam)

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    Recommendation from: Sonja

    Received on: 15-10-2022
    I got a call back and made an appointment for next week. Treated kindly.
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    Recommendation from: Corinne

    Received on: 11-03-2021
    I couldn't do anything for Len and Jacomine because of the distance, but she did introduce me to relatives in my area.
  • Profile picture of Lucy

    Recommendation from: Lucy

    Received on: 26-02-2021
    Good evening, Len Nolles helped me nicely with volunteer work as a hostess for nursing home Pniël. I looked at various options and found the right place for me. Thank you, Lucy
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    Recommendation from: Mohammad

    Received on: 16-10-2018
    Thank you for your attention and good management.
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    Recommendation from: Emma

    Received on: 17-08-2018
    Jacomine Stam thinks along well with what kind of volunteer work is available at Pniel and what suits you. Nice and professional contact.
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